Kay Frances Schepp, Ed.D, Licensed Psychologist, D

Therapy should be a relief, when change seems needed or obstacles are discouraging. After decades of providing psychotherapy, I find that the best predictor of success is a genuine partnership between psychologist and client. The power lies with the client, to explore goals and then expect the therapist to provide useful resources. Studying many approaches to personal growth leads me to believe that no one "school" has all the answers, but that each client responds to what is correct for their own situation. Both problems that lie within you and those pressing from outside can be helped.

Certification as a sex therapist is useful in positive work with about half of the individuals and couples whom I see. However, sensitive awareness of personal defenses is key to helping anyone with anxiety, hurtful trauma, habits and addictions, depression or self-confidence. You can expect to be deeply respected.

LOGISTICS: I offer calm but active therapy designed to be in your best interest on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, including evenings. My sliding scale is possible when the $50 for individual or $75 for couples' sessions is a burden. Statements are available as an out-of-network provider. Accessible office.

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