Carolyn Basiliere, PhD Licensed Psychologist

Welcome! I look forward to your call, to discuss your needs regarding psychotherapy.

This past year has been difficult for many of us, bringing out anxiety, depression or other difficult emotions or symptoms that may have been lying comfortably dormant as we were leading busy lives. Together we can perhaps use this as an opportunity; a time of growth and working through of issues that otherwise may not have called to us.

My approach is an integral one. In my work with you I will draw from an extensive background in psychodynamic, relational, humanistic, systems, trauma-based and coaching psychology. Psychodynamic-relational theories see the importance of our early experiences in shaping our lives and our tendency to project those experiences in relationships. Humanistic-existential psychology affirms that we all desire growth and want to actualize to become our best and most developed selves; to experience deeper meaning and greater freedom in our lives. Systems theories highlight our interconnected lives, placing focus on patterns of connections with others and between internal parts of ourselves. Trauma based therapies help resolve major events in our lives that affect how we see ourselves, others and the world around us. And coaching psychology moves theory into actionable steps.

I have been providing psychotherapy to adults as individuals, couples and groups since 2000. What is perhaps unique to me is that I am committed to your moving forward toward your therapy goal as quickly as you are able and willing. My approach is interactional, focusing on depth, as in let's get to the root cause of your distress, but also action, as in, how can you move forward.

I have dedicated my life to personal growth in myself and in support of others. I appreciate and welcome people who are new to psychotherapy or personal growth, as well as those who have been on this path for some time, seeking to deepen their work, in recovery from an addictive behavior or codependency, or those practicing a spiritual, meditation or other personal transformation process.

You can reach me at 802-216-0270 x 100 or [email protected]