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Dolan House
Privacy Policy


The law protects the privacy of our relationship; your personal information cannot, and will not, be disclosed without your written permission.

The privacy of your personal information is strictly maintained. Your written permission is needed before any of your personal information will be released to a third party. 

By law, there are a few circumstances in which I am required to breach confidentiality, with or without your permission.

  • I am mandated to report if there is actual or suspected physical and/or sexual abuse, exploitation, or neglect involving children, vulnerable adults, or elderly.

  • I am mandated to notify authorities and potential victims if your behavior is imminently dangerous to the health and safety of an identified person or property. 

  • If you are an imminent danger to yourself and are unable to contract for safety with me, I am mandated to involve the necessary authorities in the interest of your safety.


Please talk with your therapist if you have any questions about these policies.